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GGW-50J Scaffolding Steel Tube Bending Testing Machine

Product name :  GGW-50J scaffolding steel tube bending testing machine 
Product introduction
GGW-50J due toΦ 48.3 scaffolding steel production specifications single diameter and pipe plane bending test more, our company jointly built Academy of science on the basis of the GB/T244-2008 ISO8491:1998 (E) < metal tube bending test method >GB/T3091-2015 <Welded steel pipe for low pressure fluid transportation>jointly developed the "scaffolding steel pipe bending test machine, the test machine has the advantages of high efficiency, simple operation, reliable limit, service life long is scaffold steel pipe production enterprise and the quality inspection unit of the most perfect bending testing machine.
technical parameter
Project GGW-50J
Bending pipe diameter range 48.3mm
Steel pipe bending angle 0°-90°arbitrary set
Working speed ≤2r/min
The work plate (sets) diameter (12 times) 48.3mm*12≈580mm
Test control method
1. Manual control: The sample bending test is manually controlled, and the bending process is manually controlled by the bending angle;
2. Automatic control: The bending test is automatically controlled by the device, the bending angle can be set, and the angle is displayed momentarily during the bending process. When the bending angle reaches the set angle, it will automatically stop.
Motor power 1.5kw
Rolling wheel radius R26
Overall size 1200 * 1000 * 912mm
Weight 700Kg

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