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WAW-D series ele-hydraulic servo universal testing machine

product name: WAW-D series Microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine 
Main engine
Fully enclosed high strength design of the host, to ensure that its super stiffness resistance to load when the micro deformation。

Semi open jaw is a unique, high rigidity, no deformation, suitable for drawing on steel and other steel sample large workload;

The lining plate arranged between the jaw clamp and the jaw, jaw seat protection effective against abrasion damage


In the middle beam, the gap is eliminated by adjusting the gap between the beam and the measuring performance is improved.。

Rugged four column two lead screw structure design, high geometric precision, non deformation, durable.


The cylinder is made of integral casting, precise grinding clearance seal, spherical bearing connection, unique hydrostatic bearing oil film without friction guiding technology, which ensures the high precision of the whole machine. 

Product Description: WAW-D series products using the modular design of the new production of six column models (Four column, double screw), double test space, the model has a higher intensity, more accurate measurement and control, the more perfect appearance, suitable for all major experimental institutions, research institutes, can complete high performance metal, non-metallic materials, tensile, compression, bending, shear, peel, tear and other mechanical propertie

Technical specification and scope of use

1. This series of products for six cylinder models (four column, double screw), cylinder, double space frame structure, tension and compression spacing can be adjusted automatically, automatic hydraulic clamp, set manual and automatic control. Control unit adopts the computer and electric hydraulic servo control system, with stress, strain, displacement of three closed-loop control mode. Test data can be arbitrary access, and can realize the analysis of the data and curves of the local amplification and data editing and then test environment, test conditions programmable, can automatically calculate the index of mechanical properties of materials, and print out the complete test report and curve.
2. this series of products are in full compliance with the requirements of <GB/T2611-2007>, <GB/T16826-2008>, <GB/T228.1-2010>, <GB/T232-1999> and so on.
3. control system:     
A. adopts high precision amplifier and 24 bit high precision A/D converter, effective code + 120000, the test force measurement resolution of 1/120000, the measurement range of continuous measurement range, measurement accuracy of better than 1;
B. The displacement measurement resolution of  is 0.0025mm, which is used to measure and control the displacement of the piston;
C. The resolution of the deformation of the test machine is 0.00025mm, which is used to measure and control the deformation of the specimen;
D. use the digital servo valve as the control of the implementation of components, anti pollution ability, can achieve long-term failure free operation;
E. adopts PID control strategy to realize the control mode of constant speed, constant speed, constant velocity, constant velocity stress, etc.;
F. in order to manually, automatic two control test process, the test data of the test machine to complete the screen display, users can according to their own needs to design the test machine of the composite control mode;
G. measurement and control system software can work under the Win7 operating system, using standard database management test data, and provide networking data interface;
H. has the function of test force, peak value, deformation of specimen, displacement of piston, screen display function of test curve, real time display test curve, can choose the coordinates, such as stress, strain, load, load, load, load, time, displacement, time, and so on;
I. can meet the test method of tensile GB/T228-2002< material at room temperature > on the mechanical test and data processing, metal tensile test can automatically calculate the Fel, Feh, Fp, Ft, Fm, Rel, Reh, Rp, Rt, Agt, Z, A, Rm and other parameters, but also on the Fel, Fm etc. artificial recognition, and then print the results. According to the requirements can print different kind of report and curves. Using EXCEL form open, convenient user management; original test record value, report value according to the standard requirements of GB/T228 revision;
4. Applicable standards and data processing:
A. users can be customized to meet the national standards or other standard data processing software;
B. The test procedure can be used to simulate the reanalysis of the data
Main technical parameters
Type specification WAW-600D WAW-1000D WAW-2000D
Maximum test force(kN) 600 1000 2000
Maximum allowable value of relative error of indication
Test force measurement range (kN) 1%—100%
Control range of Stress rate 1~60MPa/s
Control range of displacement speed 0.1㎜/min-90㎜/min
Adjustment range of test strain rate
Column number Six column model(Four column, double screw)
Maximum stretch space (mm) 700 700 900
Maximum compression space (mm) 600 630 750
Round sample holder diameter (mm) Φ13~Φ40 Φ14~Φ45 Φ20~Φ70
Flat specimen holder thickness (mm) 0~15 0~40 0~50
Maximum pitch of bending fulcrum (mm) 360 360 600
Shear specimen diameter (mm) Φ10
Two-side pillar spacing (mm) 470 490 700
Total power(KW) 2.1 2.1 4
physical dimension (mm) Main engine 800×620×2000 900×700×2250 1290×900×3000
(L×W×H) Console desk 1100×600×860
Weight(kg) 2000 2500 7000

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