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WD-P4 series electronic universal testing machine

product name WD-P4 series Microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine

Product introduction

Microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine can be of metal, non-metallic materials and composites of mechanics performance test and analysis, which can make a variety of insulating materials tensile, compression, bending, the detection of tearing, cutting, stripping and other projects. Widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, wire and cable, textile fibers, plastics and rubber, ceramic building materials, food, pharmaceutical packaging, metal materials and products and other industries.

 Product details

 the machine adopts computer control, acquisition, analysis and processing test data of stress - strain and stress time, stress - displacement curve and print the test report; the machine using the new control technology, through the exchange of digital controller, the servo motor drives a reducer, the two subtropical high precision leadscrew moving testing table. In the source of the measuring force using high precision wheel spoke type sensor, the precision can reach 1%, the sensitivity is high, the whole system to achieve level 1 accuracy. It is also equipped with the mainstream brand computer control machine, test parameters setting, working state control, data acquisition, analysis, display and print the test results; in the measurement and control system configuration, test control system.

functional characteristics
1. User interface supports  win7, real-time curve display, report, curve processing, image curve and modular software structure, data storage and processing MS-Access database based on for the office and other office software is connected.

2. We have a strong test management function, the test unit can be set according to the needs of any.

3. To add the appropriate test program according to the standard requirements of different users, test as long as the choice of the appropriate test program can complete test according to the standard requirements and output test reports that meet the requirements of the standard.

4. Test process and equipment state of real-time display, such as the running state of the equipment, program control operation steps, extensometer switch prompts to complete etc..

5. Powerful curve analysis function

Load - deformation, load time curve, real-time display including one or more. Curves of samples in the same group can use different additive color contrast, traversing curve and test curve of arbitrary section can be magnified for analysis and support in the test curve display and labeling of each feature point, in the curve automatically or manually take some comparative analysis and mark the feature points of the curve can also print output in the test report.

6. Smarttest software can be set to automatically determine the in sample yield after deformation switch displacement collection and operation in the interface remind users "deformation switching is completed, can remove the extensometer".

7. Auto return: Mobile beam can be automatically returned to the initial position.

8. Auto calibration: load elongation can be calibrated automatically according to the standard values.

9. The range mode: full range is not classified.

1) module unit: a variety of accessories flexible, modular electrical hardware to facilitate the expansion and maintenance of function;

2) automatic switching: the test process shows the curve according to the test force and deformation of the size of the automatic conversion range.

Technical parameter

name WD-P4 series
maximum testing force 10kN、20kN、50kN 100kN
Effective measuring range Maximum test force of 0.4%-100%
Measurement accuracy and resolution within the ±1% of indicating value
resolution of force1/500000
The precision measurement of deformation  within the ±1% of indicating value
testing speed 0.001mm/min~500mm/min stepless speed regulating
speed accuracy within the ±1% of indicating value
maximum stretching distance 600mm
effective width 400mm 510mm
displacement measurement accuracy within the ±1% of indicating value
power 220V, 2kW
external dimensions 760×500×1700mm 920×700×1850mm
weight 300kg 450kg

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