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Structural engineering experiment and training platform

Product name: Structural engineering experiment and training platform
I. Product introduction:
1. This system is mainly used for the tests of large and medium-sized nodes of building structures, tests of full-scale structures and model tests of large structures (such as column, beam, node and framework)
2. The maximum vertical (perpendicular) load of system is 2000kN, and the maximum lateral (horizontal) load is 800kN; the loading framework is two-column gantry framework self-reaction force structure, and there are one upper and lower beam, respectively, four columns, and the upper and lower beams are made of box steel beam. The height of upper and lower beams can be adjusted according to the modulus, and the working face of upper and lower beams is mounted with a horizontal linear guide rail, and the guide rail is installed with a trolley platform which can be freely moved, so as to mount loading points and base. The moving column and moving vertical beam can be installed on the rail or the side of lower beam, and the position is adjustable, making it convenient for different types of tests; it is equipped with a rotary electric fixed crane, with the lifting tonnage equal to or lager than 1t. With the four-column self-reaction force framework structure, the moving loading beam and four columns are connected tightly without clearance, and the test space can be adjusted. The controller can realize multi-channel coordinated loading, guaranteeing that the vertical loading point and horizontal point have a very good follow-up stability.
3. This system requires the whole framework to have sufficient rigidity, and the base, columns and moving beams are of equal-strength beam welding structure, and the columns bearing horizontal force shall have sway bracing, so as to resist the lateral loading force of specimen; each column shall have pre-stressed pull rod for preloading, realizing the tight connection between column and base, and the whole framework structure shall have finite element analysis.
4. This system shall have multiple control modes, such as constant-rate test force, constant-rate displacement, test force holding, and multi-channel coordinated loading. It also has such functions as test data and curve screen display, disk storage and database management, and has network interfaces, and it can realize network transmission function of test data.
5. This system is composed of host loading framework, electro-hydraulic servo oil source, actuator, follow-up device, beam lifting device, cooling system, strong current control system, controller, data processing software, oil source and cooling system.
II. Main technical parameters
1. Framework of host
    1.1 Effective test space: 2000mm×1800mm×1200mm (L×W×H), the test space is adjustable;
    1.2 Full load deformation of host: <0.1mm;
    1.3 Weight of whole machine: No less than 13T;
    1.4 Follow-up mode: Horizontal and vertical plane two-dimensional follow-up;
    1.5 Having hydraulic lifting system, being convenient for replacement of parts and placement of specimens.
2. Vertical/lateral actuator
    2.1 Vertical loading point: 1
    2.2 Vertical loading travel: 0~500.0mm;
    2.3 Lateral loading point: 1;
    2.4 Lateral loading travel: 0~500.0mm;
    2.5 Synchronous loading: <0.05mm difference;
    2.6 Maximum vertical loading capacity: 2000.0kN;
    2.7 Maximum lateral loading capacity: 800.0kN;
    2.8 Pressure of hydraulic system: 25.0MPa;
    2.9 Accuracy of loading force: <±1.0%F.S;
    2.10 Resolution of loading force: 0.2kN;
    2.11 Accuracy of loading force: <±0.5%F.S;
    2.12 Overall accuracy of force: ≤0.03%F.S;
    2.13 Sensitivity of force sensor: 2.0mV/V±0.25%;
    2.14 Linearity of force sensor: ≤0.03%F.S;
    2.15 Creep of force sensor: ≤0.05%F.S/30min;
    2.16 Displacement measurement accuracy: <±0.5%F.S;
    2.17 Resolution of displacement: 0.01mm/P;
    2.18 Linear accuracy or displacement: 0.05%FS;
    2.19 Displacement display resolution: 0.05mm;
    2.20 Displacement measurement accuracy: <±1.0%F.S;
    2.21 Displacement measurement resolution: 0.05mm;
    2.22 Loading accuracy: <±0.5%F.S;
    2.23 Displacement rate of vertical actuator: 0.1mm/min~100mm/min;v
    2.24 Displacement rate of lateral actuator: 0.1mm/min~100mm/min;

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