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YAW-30T microcomputer controlled rock elasticity modulus tes

Product name: YAW-30T microcomputer controlled rock elasticity modulus testing machine
I, Technical specification and scope of application
1. This machine is mainly used for mechanical property tests of rock: uniaxial compression test of rock tensile (using Brazil Split disk for test) soft rock; it can also complete uniaxial compression deformation and compression strength tests of rock, and measure elasticity modulus, Poisson’s ratio, compressive strength and other mechanical parameters of rock. The test instrument is a convenient, economical and quick multi-functional scientific test instrument and it can be used for mechanical property tests of rock by coal mine, geology, water conservancy, traffic, building and outer engineering units.
2. The host uses the high strength frame, the machine structure is compact, rational layout. Control unit adopts AC servo control system, high control precision, high frequency response AC servo motor, driving precision low noise reducer, precision ball screw drive pair test, test speed adjustment (0.2 - 50mm / min), test process is stable and efficient. Test data can access arbitrary, and can realize the analysis of the data and curves of the, local amplification and data test environment, test conditions and editing, and print out the complete test report and curve.
3. This series of products in full compliance with the GB/T16491-2008< electronic universal testing machine >JJF1103-2003< universal testing machine computer data acquisition system evaluation >, the force of the JJG139-1999<, compression and universal testing machine verification regulation >, can be in accordance with the requirements GB/T50266-2013< engineering rock mass test method standard > and so on standard.Completing uniaxial compression strength test of rock.
II,  function and technical parameters
1. host: specification model: YAW-30T
2. test force measurement:
    A. test force measurement range:0-300kN
    B. Accuracy of testing force less than or equal to the value of the display value of 1%
    C. testing force measurement resolution: 0.005%FS.
3. displacement measurement:
    A. photoelectric encoder measuring stroke
    B. displacement indication relative error :±1%;
    C. displacement measurement resolution: 0.005mm.
    The displacement value display: the direct reading of the computer screen display
4. speed control:
    A. load and other rate control range: 0.05-8.0kN/S;
    Constant rate control precision: + 5%;
    B. test speed control range: 0.05-50mm/min.
5. bearing plate size: ∮150 mm.
6. Maximum compression space: 200mm.
7. Test stroke: 100mm.
8. Column spacing: 300mm
9. control system:
    A. win7 operating platform;
    B. when automatically control the process of testing, complete the test machine test data screen display.
    C. has the test force, the peak value, the test specimen deformation, the displacement, the test curve the screen display function;
    D. can meet the requirements of GB/T50266-2013< engineering rock mass Test Method Standards > and etc.;
    E. Completing rock tensile strength and rock uniaxial compression deformation and compression strength tests, calculating elasticity modulus and Poisson’s ratio          of rock and other mechanical parameters.
10. applicable standards and data processing:
    A. users can customize the data processing software that meets the requirements of the national standard or other standards;
    B. test process can simulate the reproduction and re analysis of the test data.
11 safety protection device:
    A. when the test force exceeds the maximum test force of 2%-5% each file overload protection, system unloading;
    B. when the lead screw rises to the upper limit position, the stroke protection, motor stop;
    C. has over current, over voltage and other protection.
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