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Hydraulic wafer sample (cup) sample preparation machine


Product Name:  Hydraulic wafer sample (cup) sample preparation machine
Product introduction
Mobile forces on the machine is mainly used for pressing sheet material standard sample, by the host, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pressure source and the corresponding tooling mould, wherein, the host using the framework of the whole steel plate processing, good rigidity, the structure is simple, operation is convenient. The hydraulic source use three-phase motor drive high-pressure oil pump safety valve limits the maximum pressure, the manual reversing valve oil change, namely the piston rod downward pressure shear motion and to reset action, when the electric reversing valve in normal operation when the valve core is in the middle position, the piston stops moving. The hydraulic oil pressure resistant to shock pressure indicator, such as replacement of mold or other attachments, but also can be used as a general press, expand the use of functions.
YZY-II is a hydraulic wafer sample (cup) sample preparation machine.
The test piece of YZY-II stamping meets the requirements of GB/T13448-2006, GB/T9753-2007 and GB/T4156-2007. The device can automatically stop the sample according to the mold once, and the surface of the sample is smooth without scratches, and there is no burr around;
1. There is enough good strength and toughness of the specimen mold, pressing can bear the pressure of 300KN without damage, the mould adopts the high quality alloy material, not easy to wear, high service life.
2. The open H-type design can conveniently place the sample, and there is no limit to the width of the plate, which can meet the requirements of various shape samples. The sample mold can be easily replaced, and a set of molds (with processing drawings) is included.
3. The equipment can be finished by one person to operate independently, the operation process of a key, a sample preparation time is less than 1 minutes;
4. All the spare parts of the equipment are easy to buy, can provide on-site repair service in 24 hours;
The main technical parameters
1. maximum pressure load: 300KN                
2. Dimensions: 680*680*1400mm
3. Processing sample thickness: 0.1-3.0mm (mold specification)
     Note: Mold specifications: 0.1-0.5mm; 0.5-1.0mm;
                                                     1.0-1.5mm; 1.5-2.0mm;
                                                      2.0-2.5mm; 2.5-3.0mm
4. piston diameter:Φ 140mm diameter
5. sample specifications: YZY-Ⅱ圆片形液压式试样制样机(can be customized according to user requirements)

6. Feeding method: front or sides of the equipment;
7. piston Max stroke: 100mm                                     
8. power supply: 1.5KW 380V


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