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PLS100-1000 electro-hydraulic servo multi-channel fatigue lo

Product name:  PLS100-1000 electro-hydraulic servo multi-channel fatigue loading system
Product introduction
PLS electro-hydraulic servo multi-channel fatigue loading system is a new product recently developed by our company. The series product is easy to use, with high control precision and good reliability. It is widely used dynamic mechanical property tests and structure strength tests of structures, bridges, auto industry, railway, aerospace and parts and components.
Performance feature
The constant-pressure large-discharge servo pump station and servo controller used in PLS electro-hydraulic servo multi-channel fatigue loading system are designed and manufactured by our company, and the servo controller can adopt imported brands according to users’ test requirements; there are many functional test software for selection, which can meet different users’ test requirements; at present, based on the actual requirements of users, single-user single-product service can be independently designed and manufactured to satisfy targeted test requirements;
This testing machine is a fatigue testing device widely used internationally, and it is widely applied to such fields as auto, ship, aviation, aerospace, military, education and scientific research institutes.
Technical parameters
1. Number of channels: 2; optional: 3;
2. Maximum test force: kN according to the design requirements;
3. Maximum dynamic test force: ±100Kn---±1000kN;
4. Travel of actuator: ±75mm---±150mm;
5. Main test waveform: Sine, triangular, square, oblique wave, etc.;
6. Range of test frequency: 0.01-15Hz;
7. Gantry frame: Ordered according to the requirements.
8. Pump station: Optional within 60L/min-1500L/min.


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