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YAW series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo

Product name: YAW series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine
I. Main function
This machine is controlled by microcomputer and it can automatically complete the test process through constant-rate loading, and it can be used after being placed on the ground steadily and horizontally. It is mainly used for the compression tests of such building materials as concrete compression-resistant cement products, hollow brick, flyash brick, fireproofing materials, engineering materials, stone, rubber support and rock. It satisfies the compressive strength test of concrete specimen stipulated in GB/T50081-2002 Standard for Test Method of Mechanical Properties on Ordinary Concrete, and realizes electro-hydraulic servo automatic control, automatic measurement of test force displacement, automatic collection of test data, OSD (on screen display) and storage. It is necessary equipment of laboratories of road, railway, bridge, building and building material industries and junior colleges. It can carry out compression strength tests on various metallic and non-metallic materials.
II. Main characteristics
1. The host adopts four-column vertical, underlying oil cylinder and moving beam structure. The main oil cylinder is made of cast steel, and the piston is made of nodular cast iron. The base and beam are casting parts, and four screw rods are forging parts.
1.1 The base is made of one-time casting moulding and has failure treatment, having long-term stability.
1.2 The beam is equipped with a backlash eliminator to eliminate the clearance between the transmission nuts and screw rods, and the beam is of light weight and good rigidity, and it is stable and reliable.
1.3 The upper pressing plate is connected with the lower part of beam through screw, and the upper and lower pressing plates are made of steel.
1.4 The oil cylinder adopts monoblock casting, and after moulding, it adopts technologies to eliminate the stress of oil cylinder. The oil cylinder adopts clearance seal, with small friction force and less deformation, and the performance is stable.
2. The microcomputer measurement and control system. The measurement and control software is controlled by a computer, and it works under Win7 Chinese operating system. As a control element, the servo valve, together with digital displacement sensor and high-precision load sensor, constitutes a closed-loop control system; it can carry out tests according to the preset program.
3. Control system: It can realize whole-process monitoring of tests, automatic collection and processing of test data ad printing of test curve reports. It can realize load and displacement rate control over the whole process of tests, and it can hold for a long time. It can carry out test force holding tests. It has such functions as prompt in Chinese and specimen fracture protection. It has two control modes, including force and displacement control, and the control modes can realize non-impact transfer. It can realize automatic storage, process reproducing, curve comparison, local enlargement, real-time display and automatic drawing of force-displacement and force-time curves, as well as automatic printing of test reports. It can automatically test the feature points of tested materials. It has automatic overload warning, piston travel limiting, oil temperature protection, setting of upper and lower limits of test force, and stop rising of piston after specimen fracture. Universal Chinese test software package on Windows platform; during tests, various control rate and control functions can be switched. It has the function of whole machine protection. 
III. Technical parameters
Model YAW-2000 YAW-3000
Maximum test force 2000kN 3000kN
Accuracy of indication ≤±1%
Compression space (mm) 320 330
Dimension of compression plate θ300 410×370
Travel of piston (mm) 30 50
Space adjustment mode Electric screw rod
Overload protection Automatically stop when exceeding 3% of the full range
Power of motor 380V   0.75KW 380V  1.1KW
Loading mode Microcomputer controlled
Weight of host (kg) Approximately 750 Approximately 1800

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