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MM-2000W Friction and Wear Testing Machine

Product name: MM-2000W microcomputer controlled friction and wear testing machine
Product Description
This test machine can do all kinds of metal materials and non-metallic materials (nylon, plastic, etc.) in sliding friction, rolling friction, rolling sliding friction and intermittent contact friction and other conditions of the wear resistance test, used to evaluate the material's friction coefficient. The friction and wear tests of various materials are simulated under different working conditions such as dry friction, wet friction, abrasive wear and so on. The computer control system can be used in real time, such as test force, friction torque, friction coefficient, test time and other parameters. Rolling friction test can adjust different slip; the product made results accord with GB/T12444.1-1990 metal wear test method MM wear test; test method for GB/T3960-2016 plastic sliding friction coefficient(instead of GB/T3960-1983);SH/T0190-1992 Determination of friction coefficient of liquid lubricant (MM-200 method). Because of its many functions, simple structure, convenient use, there are many standard test methods for the model, and the use of more foreign countries, so the research in the field of tribology has a very wide range of applications.
Technical parameter
Project name Technical indicators
 Maximum test force 2000N
Friction torque measurement range 0~15N.m
Load measurement range 0—200ON
 Upper specimen shaft rotation speed 360,180r/min
Lower specimen shaft rotation speed 400,200r/min
 Axial maximum moving distance of the upper specimen ±4mm
Test force showing relative error digital control ±2%
Test force showing repeatability relative error ≤2%
Digital control of the relative error of friction torque ±2%
The relative error of the value of the friction torque ≤2%
Temperature control range digital control Room temperature -60℃
Time control range digital control 1s-9999min
Speed control range digital control 1-999999
Time friction torque curve by computer to display and data processing of the various parameters, can be time to time - friction torque curve. Record, print, and generate test result report
Test machine of the shape size (length * width * height) host: 970 * 660 *1100mm
Monitor rate 1.5kw
Power supply three-phase four-wire system 380V
 Test machine net weight: About 500kg

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