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YZW-30A microcomputer controlled rock direct share apparatus

Product name:YZW-30A microcomputer controlled rock direct share apparatus 
Product introduction
YZW-30A series microcomputer control electronic rock direct shear apparatus on the basis of the national industry standard (SL264-2001): Water Conservancy and hydropower engineering rock test procedures > (JTG, E41-2005) "provisions of the highway engineering rock test procedures > and developed, the test machine based on the existing domestic and foreign products, mining drive technology with dual AC servo motor (the first domestic), sensor technology, computer control and software technologies, the development of a new generation of rock and concrete test equipment, can be used for rock structure (such as joints, layer, film, splitting and surface position), the rock itself and concrete or mortar and rock cementation surface shear test, and concrete combined with other materials surface shear strength test. The test equipment fully listen to the engineering department and scientific research departments, to overcome the uneven traditional electro-hydraulic servo drive stability, oil leakage and high failure rate and difficult To eliminate the shortcomings, this machine has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful style, simple maintenance, convenient operation, the whole test process available microcomputer automatic control of the Win7; is a domestic initiative, and with the international advanced level.

Loaded with AC servo, the normal load is more accurate, more stable and smoother.

Technical parameter

1. normal load P:6~300KN (2-100%FS)
2. normal overload protection: overload 2%
3. the law to work trip S:0~100mm
4. lateral load Q:6~300KN (2-100%FS)
5. lateral overload protection: overload 2%
6. horizontal working stroke S:0~150mm
7. normal space:
8. the transverse space:
9. force control rate adjustment range: 0.005 ~ 5%FS/s
    Force control rate control precision:
    When the rate is
0.05%FS/s, for the set value of ± 2%,
    The rate is
0.05%FS/s, less than the set value ±0.5%;
10. deformation rate adjustment range: 0.005 ~ 5%FS/s
     Deformation rate control precision:
    When the rate is
0.05%FS/s, for the set value of ± 2%,
    The rate is
0.05%FS/s, less than the set value ±0.5%;
11. displacement rate adjustment range: 0.001 ~ 50mm/min
    Displacement rate control precision:
    When the rate is
0.5mm/min, for the set value of ± 1%,
    The rate is
0.5mm/min, less than the set value of ±0.2%.
12. shear load speed V:0.01kN/s ~ 30kN/s (adjustable)
13. load indication accuracy:
± 1%
14. the load value resolution: the maximum test force of 1/500000
15. displacement measurement accuracy:
16. displacement resolution: 0.005μm
17. deformation measurement error:
± 1%
18. deformation resolution: the maximum deformation of 1/500000
19. deformation measurement range: 2-100%FS
20. loading mode: Double AC servo motor load close loop control.
21. direct shear box
θ50*50mm(can be customized according to user requirements)
22. motor power: 1.5KW
23. Working voltage: ~220V
24. the weight of the whole machine: 900kg
25. size: 1100*702*1800mm

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